Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween News from 2013

This is another "so sorry but these are retired" kind of post. But in the process of getting everything in order and up to date these had to be included.
This cupboard kit called "Witch's Hollow Cupboard" was designed in 2005. It was a staple in our line of Halloween kits for many years.
 Many of our customers used the area behind the spider web doors, on the bottom half of the cabinet, to add more rooms like a scary dungeon and more creepy bedrooms. That was a brilliant idea!
This is what we did for furniture kits for the rooms. Sort of elegant creepy.

In addition to retiring Witch's Hollow Cupboard, we also retired the little Witch's Hollow Candy Cafe. That was created for 2006. We had to make room for other Halloween Kits.

In August of 2013 we introduced a new series of Teeny Weeny Books.
This is what we wrote in our newsletter...
"Well, my friends (read in a Vincent Price voice) as promised we begin the unveiling of the new Halloween offerings. Our first delicious sampling will set the tone for the upcoming, spine tingling, little miniature morsels soon to be coming your way. If you dare...We present to you a series of small books, Teeny Weeny you might say, of barbarous tales beginning with The Tangled Web, wherein someone or something has gone very wrong. It comes complete with the empty spider chair as well as the forlorn portrait of one who has been scorned."

"Cooking To Kill, a favorite book of mine, is awash with poison and potions, it's setting - the evening of the harvest moon. A sinister witch, her cauldron and pumpkins await your smallest touch."

"We wrap up this Halloween Trilogy with The Bats are Watching, a macabre scene in which the graveyard plays the star role. This Teeny Weeny book opens by lying flat and pulling on the spine to reveal the marked stones of the witch's prey."
"Like our other Teeny Weeny Secret Books, these creepy tombs are undeniably gratifying to collect. They will make you shiver at their teeny size and tremble to think that the interior little bits are also included in each kit. You may not be able to resist."

Hey, this is good news - these three little book kits are still available. I included a link on each one to take you right to the website.
As we travel down memory lane I need to note that we also added two Halloween Holiday Vignette Kits to our selection of scary miniature kits.
 Taryn, our daughter, had joined our company in the previous year and we both wanted to design the Halloween Holiday Vignette. I wanted to go spooky and creepy, she wanted to go vintage and colorful. We decided to have a contest and ask our customers which they liked best. It was almost a tie and we produced the kits for both.

This is Something Wicked.
This is Hiss Boo.
They were kits #1 in the series of Holiday Vignettes for Halloween. We later came out with Part Deux and Part Trois. It was a play on the French word Vignette. It was awkward wording on our part, but we had fun with the names!

Enough with the HALLOWEEN already!
My next catch up post will be about Thanksgiving.
Until then,

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