Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Sometimes things just happen."

Happy Spring!
Sorry, it's been awhile. I've been caught up in getting projects done. So, while that's a good thing, sometimes other areas of life get forgotten. Like my blog. I'll try to do better this spring and summer!

This past Christmas the last of our little pet friends said goodbye to this world. Kashi, a big black cat, was the sixth addition to a young group of animals which included two cat brothers - Ming and Zane, an oriental shorthair - Tokyo, a deaf rescue dalmatian-Pepper and a big black mutt-Dusty. This family of pets were with us for most of our daughters growing up years, moved to Maine with us in 1995 and gave us years of love and fellowship. All of them lived to a very ripe old age and had happy lives. With a deep breath, we fought forward into January and made plans to search for a puppy in the spring.

Some of you readers are familiar with our Miss Lydia Pickett's Cottage Collection kits. Each kit comes with a story which circles around Miss Lydia Pickett, a lovable little doggie. While there is a real Miss Lydia Pickett - the darling dog belonging to our cousin, our Lydia Pickett stories are all fiction, but stitched with bits of truth gleaned from our entire family's dogs and cats.

The first two sentences in the Miss Lydia Pickett story read as follows;
"Sometimes things just happen. The day begins simply enough and the next thing you know a tiny bundle of puppy love has found it's way into your heart and into your home."
In February we took a spontaneous trip to Florida for warmth (there wasn't any), and sun (nope) and to take our grandchildren to Disney, where we had fun anyway. We picked them up in Daytona, Florida, on the same weekend as the "Big Race". They, and their mom were visiting friends. While in Daytona, we went to a farmer's market/flea market where we bought some strawberries, playing cards, and a sweatshirt. It was cold! The grandchildren ran a bit ahead of us and quickly circled back.
"You need to come see the puppies." Oh no! Alright, we'll just look. After all, we could not buy a puppy in Florida and bring her home to Maine. We were heading to Walt Disney World. We would just quickly look at the puppies.......
"Sometimes things just happen. The day begins simply enough and the next thing you know a tiny bundle of puppy love has found it's way into your heart and into your home."

Just so you won't think too badly of us for buying a puppy at a farmer's market, I'd like to tell the rest of the story.
The puppies that were being offered came from responsible breeders and from an in home environment.
They could not be touched by the public unless there was serious commitment involved.
They had nice, clean and warm kennels behind a glass window.
The breeder helped us arrange a safe flight home in a small doggie kennel that fit under the seat.
She also kept her until the night before we were leaving Florida and met with us to make the exchange.
We are the proud new parents of "Daytona" a 3 pound 11 ounce, dappled miniature dachshund. This is the first time we have ever raised a puppy from this young age. We are so in love with her!
Happy Easter!

We do not usually dress our animal friends. Really we don't. But, Daytona actually likes it!