Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunny Sunflowers

Another blast from the past...
Do you all remember when everything was sunflowers? They are still so much fun, but we don't see them on absolutely EVERYTHING anymore. There has been a little break from the sunflowering, and that lets me look at sunflowers with fresh eyes again.
A friend sent me these photos. She had found these pieces somewhat recently and wondered if they were mine. Oh, my goodness, yes they are!
I think I was doing the sunflower kick in the early 90's. I had designed a sunflower quilt kit and then decided that I needed a sunflower table, birdhouse, a dress and chair to go with the quilt. I remember that we made them in three scales but the 1/4" scale didn't sell very well. If only I had kept my stock of that teeny scale because they sure would be popular now! Who knew 1/4" scale would become so popular?
Here are the photos of the quilt kit, a sunflower dress and a sunflower table - in 1" scale.

When I really started to think about it I realized I hadn't really forgotten about sunny sunflowers after all. Two years ago we offered a little 1/4" scale kit in an Altoid type tin called "Sunbathing" which - if you can imagine - featured sunflowers.
Last year I designed a fabric collection for Wilmington Prints called Harvest Home which featured warm orangey sunflowers. This is one of the prints.I guess I do love sunflowers...

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  1. I have the Sunbathing kit. It is one of the last kits I bought. I just can't get back into the Mini mood! Would rather quilt!