Friday, February 25, 2011

As Soon as the Snow is Gone!

This is a really fun project to make! I did this several years ago with my grandson and we both enjoyed it. This is what you do...
When the snow is gone and the ground is no longer frozen, pick up a few handfuls of small rocks.
Put the little rocks in a colander and wash them. Tip them out onto a towel to dry and begin to sort them and pick out your favorites. Transfer the dry stones to a flat box where you can easily see them.
The fun part (especially if you're doing this project with a child) is giving them names! Our choices for names were things like "Holes", "Beauty" and "Strange". Children think of the best ones!
Print by hand or use the computer and a printer, the entire set of names with space in between each of them for cutting.
Find a cute little frame that will house all of the little rocks. Cover a piece of foamcore or card board with white paper to match the paper on which you wrote or printed the names.
Glue on the stones as evenly as possible. I used Tacky and it worked just fine, but if your rocks are heavy you might want to use something like E-6000. Add the names under each rock as though you are creating an actual rock specimen. It's the most fun when the names get mixed up and you rename!