Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Blast from the Past

This is going to be a new feature on my blog. I'm photographing some of my older miniature pieces and am trying to date them as well. I hope it will be amusing. Some of you might own some of these early pieces and could shed some light on my fading memory. This memory thing is why it's so important to sign and date your work!

Easter Dress Shelf

This is one mini that I can date. I started making miniature dresses and dress shelves in the very early 80's. This is part of a holiday line that continued through 1994. This photo shows the 1" scale Easter dress shelf, but I also made some of these in 1/4". In fact, Emma's Dress Shelf from the Lydia Pickett Cottage Collection was inspired from this earlier piece.
Some of you may remember the NAME convention in Orlando, Florida in the 80's, I can't come up with the year. (A friend just emailed me that the date was 1993, YEA!) The theme was something about a closet and I was one of the souvenir artists. I made 1,200 of this style dress in three different fabrics.

I have a little shelf where I gather my little goodies. Some of the things pictured here are from other miniature artisans like Mustard Seed and some things are just the junk I like to collect. I know the push pins are tacky, but they do help illustrate the size of the dress.

That's it this time for "The Blast from the Past".


  1. THis is fun! WE like to look back at our previous work!

  2. I recognised the theme of Emmas Shelf as soon as I saw the photo. Those dresses are just gorgeous! I love your style of photos too. I am really looking forward to seeing the other minis you dig up. The good thing about a blog is that you can date things by looking at when you blogged them. Starting mini'ing with Pickett Hill was my inspiration to start blogging so all my minis are blogged and therefore dated! Thanks for sharing this Claire x