Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Birdhouse

Here's a little history about these birdhouse creations. The art that was created to apply to these birdhouses was done in 2002. Prior to that time, we made hundreds of these little houses all individually hand painted to look just like the ones we are using in these projects.

OK! let's get on with the projects! There will be a new design every weekend until we complete the entire Little Spring Houses Project.

Here is the next birdhouse for you to build. This one is called 'The Old Birdhouse' because it's kind of weathered and old. It's a more intricate build than the bug houses because there is the main building and then there are two side annexes. Here are the instructions...

If you click on the design it will take you to a pdf file which you will be able to download and print. The design, as is, will be in 1" scale. You can make it bigger or smaller, depending on the use for which you have in mind. I have in mind a Spring Tree with lots of small bug and bird houses hanging like ornaments. If you want to make the Spring Tree, print out the houses in a larger size. (more on the tree later)

You must be on Facebook to download this as a high resolution drawing.

So, to get started this is what you need to do...
(1) Print out the artwork on card stock or paper that you'll glue to card stock.
(2) Draw an extra little gluing tab on one end of the main house. It won't show as it will be glued under the opposite side of the house.
(3) Cut out the house as carefully as you can, don't forget and cut off the tab you just drew.
(4) Lightly score and then fold all of the walls (including the drawn tab) to create the house box.
(5) Glue (whatever glue you like to use for paper) the tab to the inside of the opposite end creating an even house shape. Let dry.
(6) Cut out the 2 side annexes. You'll notice that they are 3 sided. Score and fold as in the main house. Glue each annex on opposite sides of the main house so that there is equal distance from front to back. Let it dry.
(7) Cut out a piece of card stock for a base. It should be large enough to show just a bit from each side. Paint it green.
(7) Add the house to the base and allow to dry.
(8) Cut out the roof pieces, score on the center line of the main house roof, fold and glue to the roof line of the main house. You may wish to paint the underside of the roof first with a coordinating color. You might also wish to poke a little hole in the center of the roof if you want to hang your house. (I forgot about telling you to do this on the previous bug houses, but it's not too late, just open up a little hole with a sharp x-acto knife point) Cut out, paint and add each of the two side annex roof pieces. They are like a shed roof with no fold.


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I urge you to make as many of the little houses as you wish. If you want to sell them, I don't mind, especially if you give credit to the

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