Thursday, October 1, 2009


No visit to Wyoming is complete without a trip to see Devil’s Tower. Shawn and I are both movie fans or maybe fanatics is more descriptive. I thought we were normal, but as I get older, I’m understanding that not everyone has the same love for the big screen.
Richard Dryfus sculpting Devil’s Tower from mashed potatoes is, in our opinion, a classic film scene. To see this national monument in real life, was so much fun. We were both humming the Close Encounter’s of the Third Kind, little ditty that was, of course, the international galactic theme song from the 70’s. (I think it was the 70’s) I was reminded that our grandchildren would like this movie if we can find a DVD of it.
So on through Wyoming on our way to Salt Lake City. The landscape is rugged and soft all at the same time. I find it fascinating. Way in the distance we see mountains and on either side of the highway as far as the eye can see, are hundreds of tiny deer. I need to find out what kind of deer they are. Their heads are long and skinny and their bums and chests are white with bodies of soft colored fawn. Maybe I can take a good picture.....
(Note: we have found out they are not deer. They are Antelope and there are hundreds of them along the road.)

We are now in Salt Lake City and will be here until next Tuesday. When we arrived in Salt Lake it was 90 degrees. That night it dropped to the low 40’s and snowed. What a country!!

We are attending the Name Small Scales show and then teaching a altered art dress class to some of the attendees.
We have been having a few email issues so, if you have written us, thank you for your patience and we will reply as soon as we can.

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  1. If possible, while you're in SLC, try to spend a night camping on Antelope Island, in the middle of Great Salt Lake. It is an experience you won't soon forget. There is a Visitor Center on the Island, and you can drive to the Fielding Garr Ranch at the other end of the Island. There are large numbers of bison roaming freely on the Island, as well. Enjoy.
    Ann DeHart
    Homestead, FL (after Nov. 15)