Monday, September 28, 2009

South Dakota

Well, we made it! Our first night was spent in Sioux City in a funny little park named after Yogi Bear. I guess it was geared for children but it worked out fine for us as well. Nice showers, and we’re finding that to be an important part of our camping across America. And it is camping, no matter how you want to couch it. We like camping though. The showers. Remember I mentioned that having a shower in the trailer was an important feature? We haven’t used it yet though, I guess it’s good to know we can. You’d have to straddle the toilet and wrap yourself in the shower curtain but it’s good to know we have it.

A quick toilet paper story, if I may. I discovered a clever device left in the shower/toilet closet, I think it may have been left by the previous owners. It looked like a miniature version of something we found in our little barn when we restored it, and we believe that one involved the hanging of something. I know that sounds vague, but it had some kind of purpose and I believe the miniature version in our “bathroom” was to slip through the toilet paper tube and then the stick on the end would hold the paper in the air. There are no shelves or holders of any other kind in the “bathroom”. So, it became a toilet paper holder. I didn’t account for the spiral effect. Traveling along, with everything else in the trailer buttoned down and safe, the toilet paper became a swiftly moving, unimpeded, spinning cyclone releasing all of its perfectly wrapped squares into a cushy heap on the “bathroom” floor.
When discovered, Shawn carefully and methodically rewrapped the roll. It was worth a giggle or two and we both told ourselves that we needed to remember not to leave the toilet paper on the holder when we packed up camp. The next day I left it on the holder. Shawn rewrapped it. It wasn’t as funny as the first time. I’m trying very hard not to let the brand new roll end up on the floor again. So far, so good.

South Dakota....awesome, beautiful and so different from Maine. We loved it! We stood where Lewis and Clark journeyed along the Missouri River, discovering and cataloging new animals and plants. Mount Rushmore made our hearts beat a little faster, as the countryside unveiled this magnificent work of art. We camped on the White River in the Badlands and watched the sun go down, sending long shadows through this fierce landscape. We watched the sky glow red as the sun finally dropped behind the hills. Another evening was spent in Spearfish, but no Passion Play for us on this trip as the summer season had ended. We took a jaw dropping route through the canyon to spend the evening in Deadwood. Our quest was to see the town that is steeped in gold rush history, and have a nice meal out. Huge fans of the HBO series Deadwood, we enjoyed checking out the town., Deadwood, which is now a casino destination,.is very small, compared to Vegas, but charming in a touristy, western kind of way.

The following proves the point of “you’ll never know what you’’re going to find”. At our last campsite in Spearfish, South Dakota, the registration office was also home to a very nice scrapbook/altered arts store. I was indeed a happy camper!

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  1. I"ve had such fun reading your newly discovered blog, checking out your wonderful scenic photos...ahhh it takes my breath away and someday I will find myslef on the edge of the grand soon as hubby retires....a few more years....but I had to tell you....I just loved the toilet paper unwinding onto the bathroom floor. I could actually see that happenign in my minds eye. LOL! too funny! We too are RVers and I can so relate to everything you say! Just wonderful! Thank you so much for your witty words. I so enjoyed reading them and look forward to more. Take Care, Carolyn