Monday, October 19, 2009

Santa Fe

Back on the road and leaving the woodsy area of Arizona, we decided that since we had to go through Albuquerque New Mexico, we may as well take a day or two and visit Santa Fe. We’d always wanted to go there. Well, I’d always wanted to go there and it seemed too close to not go. Shawn agreed.

It was hot. No, it was HOT! With one arm and neck already the color of our Maine lobsters, we crept along Rt. 40 like a slow, hot, black Suburban without air-conditioning. It is becoming clear that when we travel, the car in which we travel, must always lose it’s air. After our trip to Florida for the National convention two years ago, when our caravan decided to stay hot, we agreed that since our parents could travel without air, so too, could we. We’re as tough as they were! Well, I’ve had it with being tough. I want air! We have been on a roller coaster of climate change. Heat, freezing, monsoon, freezing and now hot, hot, hot. The funny thing is that here in Santa Fe, the locals think it’s cold. We’re melting by day and freezing by night. Seriously though, I’m holding on to these hot days as long as I can. It’s a long and cold winter in Maine.

Our day exploring Santa Fe was one of our best days ever. After a morning spent at The Georgia O’Keefe Museum, we lunched at a Paris sidewalk cafe while a man played an accordion. It was enchanting. Just as we both had agreed that this was one of our best days ever, the accordion player began “Lara’s Theme”, the song we chose for our wedding. I teared up and Shawn held my hand, not knowing, I think, what else he could do.

The afternoon was spent drifting in and out of galleries on Canyon Road. If you should ever need to get inspired, go here. I loved the galleries, museum, and the adobe style houses with their brightly colored doorways. Santa Fe is color, and it’s all about color!

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