Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools (those of us who live in Maine and expect to see some grass come April).

Notice I didn't say...April Fool's Day. We are just April Fools. Somewhere down south, I know you have flowers. Maybe daffodils or even tulips but in Maine we have a foot of snow and more coming down as I write. This will not last long on the ground, but come on...I need to see green stuff growing and get my hands dirty!
OK, enough wailing for today and Happy April Fool's Day to you all! Here are another couple of birdhouses. These were created in 1996. (Oh my gosh, when did it get to be 2011? I feel like I just painted these!) You might have to trim a bit to get a good roof fit, because I'm sending you files from early original work. The pink house is just the blue house, shortened and colorchanged.
We need to get moving if we're going to make all the houses and get our Spring Tree done for Easter. What Spring Tree, you might ask? If you go back a few entries, I did talk about a tree on which to display the cutie little birdhouses you're making. The tree isn't ready to show yet, but keep working on the birdhouses in the meantime. I promise you'll have it in time for your Easter or Spring table centerpiece.
When you're making these, don't forget to add tabs on the sides so you'll have something to glue the edges to. The roof just folds in the center and is glued to the top. You could poke a little hole in the top of the roof to aid in hanging. Also, maybe add a couple of perches as well as a card stock base. If you're just seeing this project for the first time, go back a few entries for the full instructions.As in the other birdhouse projects, you'll need to click on the art, it will take you to a site called Scribed. You'll need to be a member of Scribed, or Facebook or have a Google account before you can download and print. Feel free to make, share or sell finished versions of these birdhouse designs. As in other angel projects, also share the name of the artist. Thanks for that, in advance.

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  1. Robin, I had just seen pictures of the April Fools snowstorm in Maine! We had one last year in the first day of spring, in Texas!

    When I click on these birdhouses, I do not go to Scribed, like the last ones!