Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring is Coming

This is Princess Lay-a, one of my four chickens. She's a White Leg Horn. She's only about 8 months old and until this January she was laying a pure white egg every other day. Both she and Luna our other White Leg Horn have quit laying. I think it's just been too dark and cold for them.
Out other two chickens are Araucanas and they lay the most beautiful blue and green eggs. Henrietta lays the green eggs and Hazel lays the blue.

Our new and improved web site is up! YEA! Shawn pulled out most of his hair but if you've seen him lately, you'll know that while it's thin, it's long enough to braid, so I guess a little less is OK.
He is still putting together more pages because we only have a partial on the miniature pages. Soon there will be information on my art prints, originals, a gallery section, workshops and other interesting links.

This winter has been long. Really long. Usually it's a good time to nestle in and stay warm, work on projects and cook warm dinners. Yesterday, when I went out to feed the chickens, I smelled Spring. I really did! I get intoxicated by those stolen moments when the sun sneaks in a window to warm my face or my back. Our cat Kashi seeks the tiny patches of light to stretch out and lets her black fur gets shiny and hot. There is still snow on the ground, a couple of feet anyway. More will be coming, it always does, it's only February still and March is long and cold. But I'm hopeful. Yes, I know Spring is coming, I smelled it yesterday.


  1. Robin, I am loving your blog. You are as descriptive in your writings as you are in your artwork. Some people just have a gift. I too, got a chance to smell the spring last week when it hit 55, and I also have a black cat who loves to lay in the sun patch on the floor, right next to the deck doors. Sometimes I would like to snuggle right up next to him!
    Good luck on your blogging. Debbie Colombo

  2. You have a neat blog! I keep running in to you in all my favorite places! QUilt shops and magazines, QC, and now the blog world!