Friday, February 20, 2009

Cereal Box

Do you ever have a day where something is stuck in your mind and you don't know why? I woke up one day last week, poured some generic frosted mini wheats into a bowl and then just kept looking at the box. When I was little I always looked at the box, read every little thing, and plagued my mother to let me cut out the card board trinkets offered by the various cereal companies. This was a different thing! 
It was something about the box itself, the shape, the colors and I liked that it felt quite sturdy. I found an air tight container and poured in the contents of the box. Off to shower and begin my day, I set the box on the kitchen counter and reminded my husband not to throw it away. He didn't question me which says something right there.
I began my day working on a miniature project which was very repetitive. My mind kept straying to the box. Often day dreaming in color, I was having visions of tangerine. My miniature project was far from tangerine and my next fabric collection was going to be done in shades of sage, browns and blues so I don't know why I was seeing this tangerine color. But that's the way it works for me when I am in a creative zone. I feel like I'm on fire and the brain is overloaded with stimuli. I pictured the box in tangerine colors. I finished it in my mind as I added a strap and it became a purse! I couldn't wait to work on it but I had to finish my miniature project first - minis, being the bread & butter of our income, takes priority.
Saturday was an art day and my daughter Rachel was going to be putting the final touches on her workshop pieces for Art in the Rough. Both of my daughters have degrees in art. Taryn and her husband Scott run an alternative art supply business called NavelJelly Studios. Rachel is a high school art teacher. Both of them teach art workshops and Art in the Rough is a weekend long experience filled with art adventures, great food, and high style camping. Oh, I'm teaching workshops there as well - "Footloose" & "al-ter-a-tions".  click here to go to Art in the Rough
So Rachel showed up in the morning of art day with a bag full of boxes! She had been on the same wave length as me. (It happens a lot with both daughters!) Her approach was quite different from what I'd been thinking about. We laughed with each other as we sampled our various techniques. We each work quite differently! This is what we did.



  1. Hi just seen your lovely Witches cabinet/dresser in Dolls House World magazine. I am in the same magazine with my articles. Adore your work will let everyone on my blog page now where to find you :-) Kat the hat lady