Friday, March 23, 2012

Chick Inn

A project just in time for Easter.
My, but spring has surely sprung here in Maine where our temperatures reached 80+ on Wednesday and Thursday! It is lovely for March, helps to melt the rest of the yucky stuff.

So, I have a DIY project for you called Chick Inn. I will post all the do it yourself stuff. You will supply all the "stuff" and the work. If you don't have or don't want to get the "stuff" you can order a kit. The kit will include doors, windows, signs, art and all sorts of other "stuff". It will be available after tomorrow - Saturday March 24th and will be shown on the website sometime tonight.
I plan to put the instructions here for the DIY version here on the blog sometime later this weekend, if time allows.
For now, if you like this project, you'll need to go and purchase some Easter candy. Specifically one of these...
If you want to make something like this...Go ahead and eat the candy, but open it from the bottom as carefully as you can. Find yourself 5 or 6 drinking straws, Titanium white tube acrylic paint, natural excelsior, some doors and windows, quarter scale furniture, Tacky glue and assorted paints, scrap wood, and tools.

I'll have lots more pictures, but for now...


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